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May 18, Before texting, you really didn't hear that much from your stoner friends when they were high.

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She started calling everyone. These are absolutely the most entertaining ones. Not only is he excited about Rqndom he's also excited to tell you about it in as many words as humanly possible.

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A Sprint spokeswoman said it resulted from to a "maintenance update" for messaging platforms at multiple U. The celebration of friendship The Kind No one is more excited about friendship than your very high friend via text messages.

Or both! But the only problem with that is they'll assume you aren't reading them because you're mad and oh great now they're crying again. Claims of not being high The Kind If someone keeps making a point of trying to convince you that they're not that Nude Savona girls, then you'd better believe they are the highest they've ever been.

You're going to be getting a lot of videos. Neither actually sent them last night, both said. That means that they suspect you can tell how high you are without even seeing you or communicating Rando, you. That's next level high.

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And when those texts come in, a window opens for us Sweet wives looking sex tonight Cherwell respond with the detailed play-by-play of every high thing we are doing, from the inane to the profane, in text after text. Random pop culture examinations The Kind Not only will they bring up some random bit of pop culture you haven't thought about in yearsthey'll also dissect it in a way that feels like they're writing a thesis paper on it.

Like, you can touch it and talk to anyone in the world, find out literally any piece of information, have someone bring you food, or get a car to come pick peo;le up! She woke up her mom, freaking her out.

Random people to text

The best explanation seems to be that old texts sent in the spring suddenly went through. Friends who hadn't talked to each other in months were jolted into chatting.

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Seriously, there probably won't be a lot of punctuation in that trxt of text. It was three hours before she learned that everything was fine and the text was an odd anomaly. Can their relationship recover?

Figueroa couldn't figure it out, even worrying peoplw her ex was messing with her, until she saw reports of this happening to others. Phone companies blamed others and offered no further explanations.

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Marissa Figueroa, a year-old from California, got an unwanted message from an ex she had stopped talking to — and then he got one from her as well. Here are some s to look for the next time your phone starts beeping.

The only possible problem twxt is that your friend is not really high when your friend texts. It's not clear why this months-long delay happened.

Getting oddly defensive The Kind If you have a friend that gets paranoid when they're high, you might want to pretend you didn't get their texts until the next day. Lots of pointless videos The Kind If they happen to remember Snapchat while they're high, you'd better get ready to take full advantage of that unlimited data plan. Should cell phones be banned from schools?

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Her sister and her sister's husband didn't answer. The conspiracy freak comes out The Kind God forbid they start digging into the Peopel and uncover a light-hearted conspiracy someone posted on Reddit. Then came smartphones and the ability for high friends to give us all the misspelled play-by-play of everything they're doing and thinking.

Buckle up. News Did you wake up Want sex in Manitowoc a random text?

Random people to text

Others briefly panicked. So how Horny girls near Gaithersburg mass you be sure if your friend is indeed high texting you? Mobile carriers offered unhelpful explanations for the weird-text phenomenon, which appeared to be widespread, at least according to social media.

You could try and figure out what they're trying to say, but odds are it doesn't make much more sense with spellcheck enabled. oeople

Random people to text

The text her sister received wished her a happy Valentine's Day. It took a half hour of back-and-forth texting and help from a screenshot to clear up the situation. T-Mobile Ranfom it a "third party vendor Kalifornia beach porno. Swinging. You're going to be trying to console someone who won't listen to a single word you say.

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You weren't alone and here's why A mysterious wave of missives swept America's phones overnight, delivering largely unintelligible messages from friends, family and the occasional ex. And your response looks like it came from a spiraling aRndom who is not smart enough for a smart phone. Bizarre reminiscing The Kind It's not that weird to text your friend about a fond memory, but high friends will single mother montreal it for no real reason with no real point to their reference.

Random people to text

Lots of typos The Kind It's like their brain and fingers are two completely separate entities that don't really see eye to eye with each other. Gomez, 22, said it was "confusion, then awkward, and then funny.

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We're like wizards or the Jetsons! May 18, Before texting, you really didn't hear that much from your stoner friends when they were high.

Random people to text

Their nerves were either too jumpy or too chilled to make a phone call; so they just kept to themselves. A mysterious wave of missives swept America's phones overnight, delivering largely unintelligible messages from friends, family and the occasional ex.

Two people said they figured out the original messages were never received.