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Its time to come out sissy Part 1 from 1. Author: James Marshall So the day started like any normal day.

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Gay sissy story

I'm a 27 year old normal male in most ways. I exited the bathroom and checked to make sure my gf was still asleep. Just then the light clicked on and I heard my gf voice behind me.

Tell your parents that you are mine now. When I finished changing he said "ok come on".

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Now on my knees in front of a completely naked man, dressed in my gf's clothes, with her sleeping 1 foot away. I slowly sucked him working my tongue around the tip in circles just the way he likes.

Gay sissy story

I dropped to my knees to kiss his crotch which was my required greeting but he stopped me. Get moving! My dad said "Eric?

Gay sissy story

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet and whispered further intstructions into my ear. He does whatever I say and is completely subserviant to me.

He lives to fulfill my sexual desires now. When I finished my master stopped me before I hit send I had an Hot swingers in Hiram Ohio message from "sir". So meet me out back by your pool in 10 min bitch cuz I'm cumming back! I wondered what was goin on but I stood up and followed him inside.

I'll always be a sissy

If you fail to dress as I have instructed or you're not at the door on your knees, I will wake up your gf and tell her all about your "feminine side". You will greet me at the door on your knees Guys xxx sexy will do exactly as I say. I slid the skirt up over my hips and admired myself in the mirror. Now beg faggot!

You see this apartment complex is where my master lives. I panicked.

Bisexual stories : its time to come out sissy - a gay sex

I told him he needed to come here so you could see for yourselves. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and started to suck him with the enthusiasm of a college slut.

Gay sissy story

Siswy then my blackberry lit up a third time. I longed to feel my lips around it and couldn't wait to have it stretching my hole.

Its time to come out sissy

That's why we are here. I'll always be a sissy Part 1 from 1. I warned you what would happen. It makes sense considering how he likes to dress but u can see tha yourselves.

Erotic stories : i'll always be a sissy - a gay sex

I don't want you to post that just yet. I put the phone back and figured I'd go back storg sleep and just message him in the morning. It will say that you have an announcement. That's what he wanted was for me to feel the embarassment of everyone knowing and I guess deep down I wanted it too. You are mine now.

My gay prison sissy ****

Isn't that right stiry I melted into his arms as his tongue explored my mouth. My master asked me again but harsher "I said isn't that right erica? I gulped as I set the phone down.

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My parents slammed the door and retreated inside completely disgusted. I knew what that meant and I eagerly sucked and swallowed every spurt and every drop of delicious man juice out of his cock. Come inside and let's get it over with". Eric is gay and now he answers to Erica.

Gay sissy story