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This one is extra special as this time her co-editor is her wife Caroline Manchoulas.

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Its a sweet short about a solitary American woman who takes a vacation in Australia at a woman's cooking retreat.

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The Boi Who Cried Wolfe was seriously fun with references to people and Free online dating site but with an authors name like Allison Wonderland I would expect no less. I ddomme it lunch. Lunch breaks are your saving grace at work to escape lnch office for a bit with your work wife, and not talk about meetings. This This is a beautiful story that revolves around two long time friends discovering each other in a whole new way.

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bbreak I loved this gentle drama partially because of the unusual le. I loved the gentleness and caring. This is another author I need to from. Not all goes as planned and she finds a wonderful surprise instead.

I loved all the underlying emotions Ms Blue brought forth. Erzabet Bishop brings us a wonderful, heartfelt drama in Orchard Rain.

You never know when a "do it for the 'Gram" moment will present itself, so you'll want to be fully stocked with food puns and cute quotes. I was intensely enchanted with this story.

9 lunch break domme date

I have to find more of your stories! Lucy Felthouse brings us a tale of a volcano tour and the sexy tour dtae in her story A Most Spectacular View.

9 lunch break domme date

A Domme travels to Spain to claim the Sub of her dreams. They do this in a most delightful way! Their reconciliation is sexy and sweet. All of the stories involve women getting away from their real lives for awhile during the summer.

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Summer Love is an spicy anthology of fourteen amazing authors. I could so identify with Regan, this was a lovely tale. Summer Stock by Emily L. You may not automatically think pictures are on the menu for a donme date, but you'll want to remember all the good times.

9 lunch break domme date

In this drama the lead is an older woman who is a bit down on herself and has little confidence after a failed relationship. They meet at a wedding that Maggie has planned as part of her job.

9 lunch break domme date

In the Honey-Sweet Sunshine Kayta Harris tells of a work-a-holic woman and her partner on a vacation to rediscover themselves and each other. Byrne is a bit different.

In her Drive Me Crazy a young woman travels to a music festival. In addition, lunch dates can be a casual way to meet up with your datw or someone you're really crushing on. Good mood.

9 lunch break domme date

Her tale Mother's Tongue of one of a lovely coming of age and reunion. The first sentence took me by surprise and shock and tingles!

9 lunch break domme date

Peruse the menu, and pick out the perfect one for whatever pic you want to post. For reconnecting with friends, a selfie is mandatory, and a foodie never passes up on the opportunity to snap a pic of an Instagram-worthy meal. Maybe Rizzo can help her find her footing again.

Jess had booked a vacation with her girlfriend before being dumped. KA Smith takes us on a ride to reunite long distance lovers in Free Summer.

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Lunchtime is the best time to meet up with friends, and if you're a major foodie like me, it's also ounch perfect time to check out new restaurants on your bucket list. I actually believe a sex scene would have ruined the Wife dating in Horsklippan.

This was very well written. If not back by five, out for dinner as well. Tasmin Flowers is also new to me. Oh the serious awe factor and romance, not traditional but gentle and quaint.